3 Steps to Take for a More Profitable Bakery

Nothing says comfort food like a fresh pie, decadent cupcake, or warm croissant. But besides word of mouth and common advertising techniques, how can you make your bakery more profitable?

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There are several ways for bakeries to not only keep existing customers coming back, but bring in new guests, as well, thus increasing sales. Let’s take a look at few.


Be mindful of what food items are trending. Certain items sell better during different seasons. Offering certain ice cream based treats? Those trend towards the warm, summer months. Pies, cakes, and cookies are year-round staples, but don’t be afraid to tap into the latest craze if it makes sense for your customers’ palettes. Seasonal offerings or limited-time products will garner interest from existing customers especially.

Take account of your customer demographics. Younger customers and older customers can have wildly different tastes, and if you service a good number of both, your bakery should accommodate accordingly.


When it comes to food, it’s often said that we eat with our eyes first. What better way for your bakery to stand out than using social media channels to showcase your latest creations? Get your name and your baked goods out in the public space with what is essentially free advertising.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all perfect avenues to join in on trending topics, take beautiful images of your products, and share them with the world. Keep current customers engaged with contests and encourage them to share their own photos from inside your bakery.


Showcasing baked goods in the best way possible is vital for every bakery. Proper lighting, storage temperatures, and aesthetic all play a role in maximizing your products’ look and feel. Adding refrigerated display case that fits with your bakery’s unique style, whether modern and contemporary or classic and artistic, will help your operation stand out.

We know your bakery will win over taste buds. It’s the attracting of eyeballs where a bakery’s display case will show its true skill of increasing sales in your bakery.

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