Seasonality is an important technique for increasing point-of-sale purchases in foodservice operations. By adding seasonal décor, operators can highlight certain flavors or sentiments that will inspire customers to buy. As we enter October, let’s take a look at some ideas for adding a taste of fall to your foodservice display cases.


Pumpkins are in the squash family, but in the world of foodservice, they are associated with a sweet and spicy flavor that exudes autumn. Adding pumpkins to your foodservice display décor will not only provide a visual, but customers are also likely to connect pumpkins with a pumpkin spice flavor. Use pumpkins to highlight foods containing these flavors.


Turkeys are so closely tied with the Thanksgiving holiday that an estimated 46 million turkeys are consumed by roughly 88 percent of all Americans. For deli cases, adding turkey imagery can put these big birds into the spotlight, while also highlighting deli display case side dishes like potatoes, yams, cranberry relish, Brussels sprouts, and other fall dishes.


People love fall because of the colors. Use reds, yellows, and oranges to add an elegant touch to any foodservice display case that will put customers in the mood. When combined with LED lighting and a display case that provides great visibility, point-of-sale impulse purchases can increase by enhancing a seasonal ambiance.


One technique for increase sales no matter what the season is to create a sense of abundance. In autumn, that’s a bit easier by using a classic cornucopia. The horn of plenty is literally a symbol of abundance and nourishment and can be displayed with overflowing produce, flowers, nuts, or whatever foodservice items your operation sells.

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