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Foodservice Display Case Focus KT24

Foodservice Display Case Focus: KT24

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What is a carat? It’s a unit of measurement used to determine purity and, ultimately, quality. Listed as a proportion of one twenty-fourth, it’s the reason the highest quality gold is 24 carat, and going back to ancient Greece, a keration was a carob seed that almost always weighed 0.2 grams, or one carat, which is how we measure diamonds.
But how does the carat relate to foodservice display cases?

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French Croissant

How Croissants are Enjoyed Across the World

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Croissants are a French delicacy, but they are enjoyed all across the world. And despite where they are enjoyed, how they are made is typically the same. The ingredients used to make the perfect croissant are simple, but they must be perfectly balanced. Even the slightest mistake with the ingredients could ruin this delicate pastry. Now that we know how they’re made, let’s take a closer look at how they’re enjoyed. Here’s some insight into how …

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OTL ORION by Clabo KT24 Display Cases

Jewelry Style Food Display Cases Set The Standards

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Sleek. Elegant. Contemporary. Straight and clean. When we presented our entire line of refrigerated display cases at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, these were the features in focus.
More and more, architects and designers are choosing refrigerated display case units with clear, square lines that resemble jewelry cases. In our drive to deliver tomorrow’s luxury today, ORION by Clabo has two distinct, Italian designs that set these trends:
The KT24 is ORION by …

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