Earlier this year, the JOBS refrigerated display case was unveiled at the Sigep Show in Rimini, Italy. Unlike any refrigerated display case to come before it, JOBS is changing the rules of retail. Here’s why.


Because JOBS is a freestanding refrigerated display case that acts as an island, so to speak, both customers and operators can walk all the way around the unit. It is literally changing the relationships of retail, allowing buyers and sellers to interact in new, more personal ways.


Never before have customers been able to look at food products from all angles of a refrigerated display case. With JOBS, consumers can literally see everything, allowing operators to really showcase their masterpieces in new and inviting ways that increase impulse purchases.


A refrigerated display case is an important design element inside your store. In fact, it might be the most important because it is also a profit center. With JOBS, you don’t have to compromise your design. Because JOBS can operate without a base or under unit, it allows for your true aesthetic to come forward in a simple and elegant way.

Don’t take our word for it. Discover JOBS for yourself, and see how these beautiful cases can open up new opportunities in your business from both a design perspective and with impulse sales.