Contemporary styling in three height profiles.

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The word "Trilogy" describes a set of three works of art that are connected and can be seen as either a single work of art or as three individual pieces.

In our case, Trilogy is a model in which great design features meet excellent performance in three height profiles. The revolutionary profile - in which straight and soft lines harmoniously blend - enhances any culinary creations displayed, almost redefining the concept of showcasing.

The most distinctive showcase within the OTL ORION by Clabo portfolio, Trilogy features fully refrigerated showcases in both pastry and deli applications, in both linear and curved footprints.

Signature Installations

Please click on links below to view images of installations

Boardwalk Bakery (Walt Disney) - Orlando, FL
Bouchon Bakery - Beverly Hills, CA & Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
Café Borrone – Menlo Park, CA
Cassis American Brasserie - St. Petersburg, FL
Eataly - New York, NY
Mayfield Bakery – Palo Alto, CA
Pistacia Vera - Columbus, OH
Rite Aid - Beverly Hills, CA
Cosmopolitan Casino - Las Vegas, NV
Vdara Hotel (MGM Resorts) Las Vegas, NV

Case Options

The following options are available for this case:

Click Here for Custom RAL Color Options

Custom RAL Color

OTL ORION by Clabo cases ship in white primer.

A custom, high-gloss "RAL" paint color is an extra cost option that is almost always selected, unless you plan to finish the case on your own.

See the online color chart or your dealer for a color fan.

Standard End Panel
Standard End Panel
Included on all cases.
Decorative End Panel
Decorative End Panel
No cost option.
Stainless Steel Front Facade
Stainless Steel Front Facade
In place of laquer. Special order from factory only, 10-12 weeks.
Casters Under Case
Welded. Sold per "axle".
Round Ice Cream Tubs
Round Ice Cream Tubs
Special order from factory only, 10-12 weeks.
5 Liter Gelato Pans
5L Pan
High polish 24-gauge 304 stainless steel.
12 Liter Gelato Pans
12L Pan
High polish 24-gauge 304 stainless steel.
Double Paned Glass
Double Paned Glass
Heavy duty, double paned glass on customer side of case.
Granite Work Surface
Granite Work Surface
Rear. Special order from factory only, 10-12 weeks.
Silver Trim
Silver Trim
Anodized Aluminum (not chrome).
Gold Anodized Trim
Gold Anodized Trim
Anodized Champagne Aluminum. Special order from factory only, 10-12 weeks.
Double Paned Service Doors
Double Paned Service Doors
Optional on Deli, Pastry, and Chocolate. Heavy duty, double paned glass for doors on service side of case.

Cut Sheets

Click on a link below to download the specified manual in PDF format. Please Note: Adobe Acrobat version 7+ is required.

CAD Blocks

Please call 800-672-2784 with your needs and we will be happy to provide them.

CAD Blocks

Clabo has a complete set of CAD blocks for architects and designers.

Some of our case lines are posted in KCL for your convenience.


  • Three height profiles: 44.00’’ (GT), 53.75’’(1300) & 59.00’’(1500)
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Available in linear, 30º and 45º profiles
  • 9º tilted display deck on gelato/ice cream showcases
  • Reserve pan storage on gelato/ice cream showcases
  • Hydraulic tilt back front glass – 44.00’’ profile
  • Hydraulic lift up front glass – 53.75’’ and 59.00’’ profiles
  • Tempered double pane front & side glass, heated on gelato/ice cream cases.
  • Stainless steel work surface with granite options available
  • RAL custom color options


Opening Act: A simple solution for gelato and ice cream.


High volume, narrow footprint, Italian style with grab-n-go options


Always evolving, always a favorite.


Jewelry-style showcase offering optimal visibility.


Ultra-modern design with seasonal versatility.


The value of transparency.


Contemporary styling in three height profiles.