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Redefining The Concept Of Merchandising

50 Years in Europe, 20 in the U.S. Market

ORION by Clabo products have been present in the U.S. market for over 20 years. In fact, we are known industry-wide for having pioneered the entry of European-style showcases in North America. Until recently, our products had been marketed in the U.S. and Canadian markets under the Oscartielle brand name. That name is what you might remember our products by, however, we have recently become a fully owned subsidiary of Clabo Group. As a result, we have updated our brand to align the North American business with the rest of the world, transitioning from OSCARTIELLE to ORION by Clabo.

Clabo USA headquarters and testing facilities are in Hayward, CA. We carry full inventory of bakery, deli, and gelato showcases, as well as open and combi grab-n-go in three design models: Italiana, Tecnica and Evo. We also have a design department to assist with drawings, as well as a service department with a complete parts inventory.

Learn more about the ORION by Clabo line of refrigerated showcases and how foodservice operators can benefit. Contact us directly, or reach out to our local rep firms, to see availability, pricing, options, CAD blocks, Revit files, or detailed specs sheets on the different models in our line. You can also begin by downloading our complete catalog.