Foodservice Display Case Focus KT24

What is a carat? It’s a unit of measurement used to determine purity and, ultimately, quality. Listed as a proportion of one twenty-fourth, it’s the reason the highest quality gold is 24 carat, and going back to ancient Greece, a keration was a carob seed that almost always weighed 0.2 grams, or one carat, which is how we measure diamonds.

But how does the carat relate to foodservice display cases?

The answer, of course, is the KT24 from ORION by Clabo. It’s based on the same principles of purity and quality, and it’s the crown jewel of all the ORION by Clabo designs.

Features and Benefits of the KT24 Foodservice Display Case


KT24 Foodservice Display Case from OTL ORION

  • With front and side glass construction that is almost frameless, operators can provide maximum visibility and customer sight lines to accentuate their products.
  • This versatile foodservice display case can be used for gelato, ice cream, pastries, chocolate, and for neutral applications. It contains standard LED lighting for even greater visibility.
  • The KT24 is designed to fit practically any space. It’s available as a linear unit or in 30 or 45 degree designs. It also comes in two different height profiles.
  • When using the KT24 as a gelato display case, operators can take advantage of low profile pan displays and transparent gelato pans for maximum visibility.
  • Glass is double pane on both the front and side and can be heated for gelato and ice cream applications. This means no condensation in your display case.


The KT24 refrigerated display case is contemporary yet practical. Now that you know more about the crowning display case in the ORION by Clabo collection, schedule some time with a display case expert to go over the details.