JOBS Foodservice Display Case

Is it possible for a foodservice display case to redefine the word “float”? Is it possible to change the rules of human interaction with a display case? Is it possible for a foodservice display case to be your guide to prepositions? It is now.

Along, among, around, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, from, inside, near, opposite, outside, round, under, underneath, upon, versus, and via. Meet JOBS, the newest model in the ORION by Clabo family of foodservice display cases that redefines your position.

There isn’t a front of the counter. There isn’t a behind the counter. There’s around the counter, and in reality, there’s just the counter. The JOBS foodservice display case changes the rules of customer relations because traditional foodservice retail barriers have been removed.

Instead of limiting consumer perspective, it allows people to see foodservice products from a wide range of angles. With several points of view, JOBS changes the customer journey and turns previously lost sales into new customers.

Learn more about JOBS:

* The man behind JOBS is Andrea Stramigioli, a well-known Italian architect and interior designer. As a result, JOBS is at the forefront of futuristic, Italian design.

* JOBS is a hybrid. It functions as both a drop in case and a traditional foodservice display case. It’s not purely a drop in foodservice case because some of the case’s structure is still visible underneath the glass. This provides personality and enhances the look of the product displayed.

* JOBS has no visible controls, which adds to the design experience. The innovation exists in the fact that units are controlled remotely with a tablet that comes with the unit, or by simply downloading an app. With the touch of a (remote) button, users can control refrigeration, fan speed, the intensity of the LED lighting inside the case, as well as decorative lighting outside the case.

* The JOBS display case offers gelato, pastry, chocolate, and neutral applications. It’s available in different sizes.


Learn more about the new JOBS foodservice display case from ORION by Clabo.