French Croissant

Croissants are a French delicacy, but they are enjoyed all across the world. And despite where they are enjoyed, how they are made is typically the same. The ingredients used to make the perfect croissant are simple, but they must be perfectly balanced. Even the slightest mistake with the ingredients could ruin this delicate pastry. Now that we know how they’re made, let’s take a closer look at how they’re enjoyed. Here’s some insight into how croissants are enjoyed across the world.



In the country where it all began, croissants are enjoyed in their purest form. The French don’t like to add anything to their croissants because they are perfect fresh out of the oven.


The Spaniards enjoy their breakfasts with a hint of chocolate. Their take on croissants is no exception. Whether freshly baked at a bakery or in a bag on the grocery shelf, you will be able to find chocolate-filled croissants anywhere you go in Spain.


Americans have a slightly different take on the croissant. Of course, you can find the traditional plain croissants or the chocolate croissants at any coffee shop. However, one of the most popular ways to eat a croissant in America is adding sausage, egg, and cheese and turning it into a breakfast sandwich.


The French have had a heavy influence on the continent of Africa, so it’s no surprise that Moroccans have their own take on croissants, too. Almond croissants, or croissants aux amandes, are a traditional Moroccan dessert. This version of croissant is filled with rich, almond cream, drizzled with syrup, then baked.


Much like Morocco, the French have had a huge impact on Vietnamese culture. On many street corners you will find classic Parisian bakeries, serving freshly baked croissants and coffee. Similar to the French, the Vietnamese eat their croissants in the purist form, sometimes dunked in their coffee.

Regardless of how they are enjoyed, croissants must be displayed under ideal conditions with maximum visibility. This ensures quality pastries and increased profits for bakeries. A big part of bakery displays is selecting the right bakery display case. If arranged properly, operators can see an increase in sales.

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