Evo Gelato and Ice Cream Display Case

More than just about any other foodservice operation, ice cream and gelato shops are point-of-sale businesses driven by impulse buying. Just think about it. Where else can you taste the entire menu before actually buying something? From looking at the colorful flavors to analyzing the smooth and chunky textures, people usually decide which ice cream to buy when they’re standing at the display case.

So if we all agree that gelato and ice cream shops rely on point-of-sale purchases more than most foodservice operations, then we also must agree they should take even greater care to properly display their product. But what does that mean? How can an ice cream shop increase sales with the right display? What are some cost-effective options for doing this?


Provide An Accessible Display

Some people are shorter. Kids, for example, can often have the hardest time seeing an ice cream display even though their demographic is one of the most targeted. Let’s face it. Kids can drive a family’s visit to an ice cream store (figuratively, of course). So why do so many ice cream shops make it difficult for kids to see the product?

Tip: Use a display case that provides full visibility at the front of the counter. Angle the deck toward the customer so colors and flavors can be seen from a distance and also by children.


Protect Against Condensation

Having a large glass display isn’t enough. Make sure your display case has features that protect the glass from condensation. Your display area isn’t any good if you can’t see through the glass.

Tip: Use a display case with heated glass to prevent the buildup of condensation, and/or use double pane glass.


Make Your Display ‘Pop’

It’s important to have your gelato and ice cream properly displayed in order to increase impulse buying patterns and ultimately revenues. It’s also important, though, to make sure your gelato and ice cream case fits well with the overall aesthetic of your shop. Sleek and elegant display cases can bring people into your store in the same way they can increase sales when people are already there.

Tip: Match the color of your display case with the overall appearance of your shop. Consider curved glass showcases for more traditional stores and square ones with straight lines for more modern and contemporary looks.



A Cost-Effective Solution: Introducing Evò

The Evò is ORION by Clabo’s entry-level gelato and ice cream display case. It provides product display capabilities that are accessible to everyone. It comes standard with heated glass to prevent condensation and a practical roll-down curtain at the back for the server’s convenience. LED lighting also highlights the colors and textures of the gelato, and the case comes with a wide range of finish and color options.

If you’re considering a new unit or are looking to upgrade from the standard, American-style dipping cabinets or box cases, the Evò could be a great place to start your research. Find out more about this competitively priced, European-style gelato case that will help increase your ice cream sales.