ice cream and gelato sales

Summer is the time of year for beach getaways, pool days, and delicious frozen treats. Everyone knows that ice cream and gelato sales will increase during the summer, but what if you can increase sales even more?

Consider giving your menu a healthy twist, adding unique flavors, and creating in-line impulse options to ensure a line out your door all summer long.

How can I make my menu healthier?

Appeal to your customers’ healthy summer initiatives by offering lower calorie, higher protein versions of their favorite flavors. Add smoothies made with fresh fruit to your menu for another healthy option. You can also advertise the nutrition facts and the ingredients of your current products, while offering suggested serving sizes. Doing this gives your customers a way to stick to their goals while still indulging in a summer tradition.


What kind of new flavors can I offer?

Create flavors that remind your customers of their childhood summers. These nostalgic feelings will keep them coming back. Base some new flavors off of traditional local foods. Your customers will enjoy having something unique, and they most likely won’t be able to get it anywhere else.


What are in-line impulse options and how do I create them?

In-line impulse options are things that your customers see as they are paying for their other items, and generally, the things displayed in-line are bought on impulse. Impulse sales are key to increasing your ice cream and gelato sales during the summer. While your customers may not have walked in for the ice cream or gelato, who could resist the impulse to buy a frozen treat to cool off during the summer?


Learn more about how to increase purchases in your ice cream or gelato shop this summer by reading our free Guide to Increasing Sales with a Refrigerated Display Case.