How to Pair Beer with Chocolate

Beer goes well with almost anything – pretzels, chicken wings, and even chocolate. While pairing wine and chocolate is a more common practice, pairing beer with chocolate has become more frequent as of late. Even sommeliers can agree, sometimes you just need a beer with your dessert.

The craft beer movement has given rise to a number of more unique flavor profiles for beer, with notes of chocolate finding their way into many a pint glass these days. However, you do not need chocolate IN your beer to enjoy the combination of the two.

As with any food and drink pairing, it’s important to try a number of flavor combinations to find the right match for your taste buds. Here are a few simple tips to pairing beer with chocolate.


Matching similar flavor profiles is one of the easiest, and sometimes best, way to pair a food with a beverage. Dark chocolate works well with a stout or porter, as both often have a roasted, bittersweet flavor profile. Sometimes it’s as basic as looking at the ingredients. Beers that contain hints of nuts, like a brown ale, are an ideal match with chocolate containing almonds or hazelnuts.


A robust, intense beer like a barley wine or a dubbel is best suited with an equally strong chocolate, like dark chocolate. Alternatively, how about a piece of spicy chocolate and a hoppy IPA? Both are strong in their own ways, and those intensities match beautifully with one another. On the more tame side of things, a piece of milk chocolate and a creamy milk stout form a smooth combination.


Pairing beer and chocolate is not always about finding similar characteristics. Often, taking two very different tastes is even more effective. Think about how delicious a chocolate-covered strawberry tastes. The tartness of the fruit paired with the sweetness of chocolate creates a heavenly culinary relationship. And with beer, it’s no different. Take a Kriek lambic, a Belgian beer brewed with cherries. By coupling that with a decadent piece of chocolate, it creates a perfect complement of flavors.

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