When you walk into a jewelry store, the way the inventory is displayed can determine your opinion of the jewelry. Customers associate high-quality display cases with high-quality goods. The same goes in the foodservice industry.

In most cities, there are multiple jewelry stores, often selling the same or similar products as their competition. What sets apart the high-end stores from those of lesser quality?

Along with décor, employees, and other factors, how high-end jewelry stores display their jewelry directly impacts the customers’ opinion of the goods. Guests shopping for jewelry are often willing to spend more money when they feel like they are purchasing something of the highest quality.

Displaying Food in Jewelry Style Display Cases

The sleek, straight lines found in jewelry display cases are also available in the foodservice industry. These elegant, modern cases give customers a sense they are at a high-end foodservice operation. In the customer’s mind, a high-end operation means high-quality food. Customers will be willing to pay more for that higher quality food, allowing operators to increase prices which improves their bottom line. In addition, the displays will also help increase the quantity of purchases by increasing impulse buys.


The KT24 is the premier jewelry style refrigerated display case, named after the measurements of gold and diamonds that would be found in a high-end jewelry store. This display case’s large footprint allows for a greater surface area for displaying foods. It is designed to be the center of attention in your foodservice operation.

La Rossa

The La Rossa refrigerated display case demands the same attention and elegance of the KT24 with a smaller footprint. If your foodservice operation is tight on space, the narrow footprint of the La Rossa is perfect, while retaining some of the elegant, jewelry case effects.

Using jewelry-style display cases will appeal to the customers’ desire to enjoy a high-end experience. Doing this will improve the customers’ overall opinion of your foodservice operation, and in turn, increase profits.

Whether you’re displaying gelato, baked goods or chocolate, the type of refrigerated display case used can affect the customers’ opinion. Download the ORION by Clabo Designer Guide to discover which jewelry style display case is right for your operation.

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