It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, but the holidays are here again. As we’ve detailed in other posts about the importance of setting up your foodservice display, seasonality can help increase impulse buys and ultimately your bottom line. Let’s take a closer look at keeping your display cases festive during the holidays.


While it might go without saying that you should include traditional pie offerings leading up to the holidays, think outside the box as well. Mini pies can be a fun offering for creating a children’s holiday table, and also work well as individual desserts rather than having to slice up traditional pies.

Offer a spin on typical flavors. While most people know how to craft the typical pecan, pumpkin and apple pies, try adding a twist on the flavor to make something they can’t achieve at home. Try a caramel pecan pie, or add a little coffee with a beverage-inspired dessert, the pumpkin spice latte pie. This version from Confectionalism offers a meringue topping, which can be difficult for consumers to create at home.


Everyone likes a good chocolate or vanilla, but it’s extra fun to have something holiday-inspired during the cold months. Consider adding peppermint mocha, pumpkin, egg nog, and other festive flavors to your menu.

Worried about how you’re going to draw those crowds? Try teaming up with a local bakery to offer samples of your gelato, or set up a pop-up at popular shopping destinations, malls and grocery stores.


Small touches like holiday themed gift boxes, twine, and ribbon can go a long way to increase impulse purchases. When dessert purchases can are packaged this way, they make great gifts, favors to send home with guests, and work great for bringing along to holiday parties.

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