Anna Maria Island on Florida’s West Coast is one of the most beautiful, beachfront communities in the country, and the recent addition of the Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery has given residents and guests even more to be happy about.

With products ranging from high-end chocolates to gelato to baked goods, the operation opened a few weeks back to much fanfare, including a night with free gelato for kids and all-you-can-eat gelato for adults. This means the new Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery opened to high demand with a wide variety of products in a location known for extreme, summer-like conditions.

OTL ORION Italiana Display CasesThe bakery, chocolate, and gelato shop chose Orion by Clabo’s Italiana line of artisan showcases to help with some of these challenges. Italia cases are beautiful, they’re known for their performance, and they express the ideal of Italian craftsmanship, which aligns with the Creamery’s goals, as well.

Marek Stangl, owner of the operation, said they purchased the absolute finest cases to outfit the new shop, which is just one blog from the beach. And Marek did his homework, meeting with every manufacturer available before deciding the Italiana line from Orion by Clabo was the best option for his operation.

“Clabo is the only manufacturer that could perform in the challenging conditions of Anna Maria Island, which regularly experiences very high ambient heat and humidity. This, combined with the beautiful Italian design and focus on product visibility, made Clabo the easy choice for us.”

The line-up consists of one pastry case, two gelato cases, and one chocolate case. This shows the versatility of Orion by Clabo’s refrigerated display cases, specifically the Italiana display case. Check out this video tour of Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery, and see for yourself.


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