When they moved from Rome in 2014 and set up camp in Carlsbad, California, they already knew what they wanted to do. With a passion for outstanding flavors and traditional gelato, Cristina and Paolo opened Gaia Gelato with their business partner, Fabrizio, remaining an active contributor while still living in Italy.

Their passion and research for the most outstanding gelato brought chef Cristina to the Università dei Sapori, or “The University of Flavors,” which is located in Perugia. The skills she learned working with some of the most famous Italian and Sicilian gelato makers came with her to California – artisanal gelato production, frozen pastries, and decoration.

Paola excels in communications. A former journalist, information officer, and media relation executive, she still writes. Her specialties these days are not surprisingly in food and health, with clients ranging from the Italian National Geographic to The Huffington Post.


What They Serve and How They Serve It

For gelato shops, one of the most important aspects of the store is to make sure the pans are properly showcased. Ice cream and gelato is a point-of-sale business that requires inviting and appetizing displays. That’s why Cristina and Paolo turned to the Evò.

With a new design and fresh look, the Evò offers a durable display case with great value. The unit features lift up front glass and roll-down curtains for easy accessibility for employees and a window through which guests can see the “gelato laboratory” in full color. For Gaia Gelato, this was an important feature because they serve more than 30 flavors of gelato, sorbet, and granite.

Evò is a great showcase for gelato shops and ice cream parlors thanks to its minimalistic lines and clean look, but as with Gaia, it also works well in warmer spaces with wooden tables, chairs, and décor. Their case is matte white to match their counters and is separated by a round module decorated with plants.

Gaia Gelato has been well received in the town of Carlsbad. It is a cool and hip establishment serving an authentic product in a town that needed traditional Italian gelato.

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