Tips for Setting Up Your Chocolate Display Case

Just about everybody loves chocolate and confections. Though we haven’t found any true statistics on it, we believe the number of people who enter a chocolate shop without making a purchase to be very low. Again, there’s no data here, but everyone does love chocolate, right?

Regardless, this does not diminish the impact a chocolate display case can have on traffic and, ultimately, purchases. There are a handful of important factors to consider when displaying chocolate and confections in your operation. Let’s take a look at a few:


This is arguably the most important factor. If chocolate is exposed to excessive heat or sunlight, it can quickly degrade. Ideally, chocolate should be stored between a range of 60 to 65º F. It can withstand temperatures that are slightly warmer or cooler, but consistency is key. Also, milk and white chocolate are a bit more temperamental due to their higher concentrations of cocoa butter. Chocolate is delicious in part because it melts at body temperature when we put it in our mouths. This creates a textural experience unlike other foods, and that’s why storage temperature of chocolate is so important.


Higher amounts of humidity can adversely affect the appearance and quality of chocolate. Humidity levels should be dry and stable inside your chocolate display case. The chocolatier’s recipe will play a big role in desired temperature and humidity levels inside the case because the sugar and fat content of those recipes will vary. The right display case will come equipped with temperature and humidity control to avoid chocolate sweating when it’s too warm and prevent chocolate from whitening when it’s too cold.


Sometimes operations are limited by the amount of space they have, and that makes it even more important to properly label chocolate products and include seasonal offerings. By providing simple signage, seasonal chocolates and confections will stand out from other products, maximizing the limited space operators often encounter.


As important as it is to make sure chocolate creations remain beautiful and appetizing, it’s just as important to make sure those creations are visible and well lit. They should be visible from all angles of the store, visual distractions should be minimized, and the chocolate display case should blend in well with the interior design of the store in order to attract outside traffic. There are many styles of display cases that will achieve this, but it is up to the operator to choose the case that fits the business’ needs.

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