What Consultants Should Consider When Specifying a Refrigerated Display Case

Consultants have many factors to consider and many pieces of equipment to specify when assisting with a design. Depending on the type of operation, choosing the right refrigerated display case can be a challenge. Here are some basic ideas consultants and designers should consider when specifying a foodservice display case.


The menu dictates the design (size and form) and the type (application) of the showcase to be specified. Some menu items will require to be refrigerated (cream based products), others won’t (dry pastries such as croissants), and other items are packaged for customer selection in grab-n-go situations.

The expected turnover rate and available space at the store level will dictate the volume of product that a display case should ideally hold. That is why there are high volume displays (with multiple shelves) and smaller ones that will leave more “breathing room” from a visual and spatial perspective.


Where will the unit be placed? Aside from front-of-the-house desired space for customers and optimal visibility of products, there are other factors that a consultant/designer will consider such as work flows, available drainage systems, humidity, temperature, proximity to doors, etc. For instance, designers will always avoid putting showcases under direct sunlight or under an AC source, and if high humidity and temperatures are anticipated, they will specify tropicalized (insulated) condensing units. Remote condensing units are typically specified when multiple display cases are expected to create too much noise and heat.


Certain consultants, designers, and architects have a particular look and feel in mind for the space they are designing. That has a direct affect on the materials, lighting, colors, and furniture chosen. Display case shapes, looks, and forms also play a major role in this since they are part “art” and part “function” and always sit in the front of the house.


This is an important consideration that we’ve discussed at length in other blog posts. Creating an environment where food products are easily viewed in an appetizing light can make or break the success of a business. Consider the type of shelving, lighting, and overall display best practices that can help an operation increase revenues by maximizing walk ins and impulse purchases. After all, this will increase the value of your own business.

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