double paned glass

Double paned glass might be something we think about in our homes to reduce noise or to better insulate our living rooms, but it has an application if foodservice, as well. Let’s take a brief look at why double paned glass is important in a refrigerated display case, and discover why you should consider it in your foodservice operation.


For starters, keeping your food at ideal temperatures and humidity levels is critically important. Double paned glass can help with this. When you store food products in proper conditions, not only will you eliminate any food safety concerns, but you’ll also present your customers with product that is at optimum serving conditions. Happy customers means returning customers.


Because double paned glass is better at maintaining ideal storage conditions, it also means your compressors won’t have to work as hard to reach those conditions. Double paned glass on a refrigerated display case means less energy will be used.


One of the biggest prohibitors to point-of-sale impulse purchases is food that is improperly displayed. Visibility is a major component. With double paned glass, the risk of condensation is drastically reduced, allowing for greater visibility into the refrigerated display case.

Where can you find double paned glass in a refrigerated display case?

Orion by Clabo creates all display case models with double paned glass. It’s distortion free, and all Orion by Clabo glass is manufactured by a high-end producer in Italy.

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