Yes, style does matter. It’s easy to believe that if you are serving the best pastries in the country, you could display them in a boring, basic refrigerated display case without any consequences.

However, according to a case study from Oxford University, the way food is displayed impacts the way people think it tastes.

In this study, researchers served the same exact thing, arranged three different ways. One dish was served neatly organized, another arranged to resemble a famous abstract artist’s work, and the last one just thrown together.

The participants agreed that they would pay extra for the beautifully presented dish over the others. The art-inspired dish was also rated higher on the tastiness scale. Overall, researchers found that presenting food in an aesthetically pleasing manner improved the experience of the dish.

Keep these results in mind when designing your foodservice operation. Choosing modern and attractive refrigerated display cases can make a world of difference.

Refrigerated display cases from ORION by Clabo offer stunning, modern designs and top notch refrigeration technology created with an Italian style. When you combine functionality with fashion in the foodservice industry, the end result is higher profits and a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Whether you’re designing a rustic bakery or a sleek and modern gelato shop, we have display cases for every style. Download the 2017 Designer Guide to discover which style of refrigerated display case goes best with the design of your foodservice operation.

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