Why Temperature Can Make or Break Your Gelato Display

No matter the season, from hot summer months to the frigid winter, there’s always room for gelato. But storing this Italian treat in ideal temperatures can be the difference between selling a frozen favorite or gelato soup. So how do you know if your refrigerated display case is set to the right holding temperature for gelato?

The ideal holding temperature for gelato is between 10°F-22°F. Compared to hard ice cream, which is held closer to 0°F, gelato needs to be stored in slightly warmer temperatures to maintain the perfect, creamy consistency. Too warm, and you’ll be serving puddles of gelato to your customers. Too cold and you’ll be serving frozen bricks. Any refrigerated display case holding gelato needs to keep a consistent temperature, as drastic fluctuations can not only affect the texture, but the taste as well.

While keeping the proper temperature in your display case is vital for any operation selling gelato, ensuring the even flow of cold air is just as important. Cold air that only touches the bottom of gelato pans won’t keep the rest of your product displaying correctly.  

As Food Equipment Reports notes, gelato is generally mounded above the edge of pans to accentuate its visual appeal. Therefore, cold air must be distributed evenly throughout the case, reaching both the very top of the gelato down to the bottom of the pan to ensure it not only looks great, but tastes great too.

Gelato is tough to resist, but it’s near impossible to resist if it’s in an eye-catching display case. Read our free Guide to Increasing Sales with a Display Case and discover the basics for maximizing the potential of your gelato display case.