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Connect High-Quality and High-Class with ORION by Clabo

Many of the big names in restaurant reviews use a trio of categories. Zagat, for instance, rates establishments based on the quality of food, the décor, and the level of service. While refrigerated display cases can’t do anything about your wait staff, they do contribute to preserving the quality of your cuisine while developing a pleasing ambiance. The right showcase is often the line that connects high-quality food and high-class atmosphere.

Which model is right for you?

ORION by Clabo offers a wide range of refrigerated display cases to meet your every need. Whether you’re selling limoncello gelato or genoa salami, explore our designs to find the right showcase for your situation. No matter which one you select, though, you’ll get one of the most stylish European designs in the industry.

To learn more about the ORION by Clabo line of refrigerated showcases, the wide range of applications they serve, or to find out availability and pricing, contact us today or download our complete catalog.