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Turn Food Into Fortune with Countless Designs and Endless Beauty

Not all chefs know interior design trends, and not all interior designers know the best temperature and methods for storing macarons. At ORION by Clabo, we make it our business to understand both. It’s important for us to know how lines and angles work within a given interior space, but it’s also important to know how that space will contribute to the sale of food.

For Foodservice Operators

We can’t help you with service or wait staff, but we can provide ambience and protect the qualities of your cuisine. Find out how.

Foodservice Operators

For Designers & Consultants

Differentiate your designs and help property owners maximize profits. Discover how ORION by Clabo will put you at the forefront of style and innovation.

Designers & Consultants

For Equipment Dealers

Offer the most comprehensive and stylish line of refrigerated showcases in the industry. Help clients showcase their good tastes.

Equipment Dealers

Curious to know what other chefs and designers are saying about innovative display cases from ORION by Clabo? Take a look at our latest testimonials from across the country.


See a model you like? Find out which famous properties are using it to maximize their profits.

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